The Green Whistle


Sharing the Green Whistle story with a broader audience


MDI’s hero product Penthrox®, AKA the ‘Green Whistle’, is rightly famous from its appearances on reality TV shows such as Bondi Rescue. However the product can’t be explicitly featured on the public area of MDI’s website due to the Medicines Australia Code and Regulation. Instead, the site guides Healthcare Professionals to access this content by logging in to a customised HCP portal.

As part of the broader enhancement of the MDI website, DDB Remedy ensured this portal would act as more than just an information resource. It now actively engages in educational initiatives, providing webinars, tutorials, and educational materials. This commitment to education aligns with MDI’s vision of fostering continuous learning and development within the healthcare sector.

The site has not only achieved excellence in increasing user visits, engagement, and organic search traffic for the intended global audience, but it’s become a cornerstone in the education of Australian HCPs on the use and administration of Penthrox®, increasing HCP registrations by 14.6%.

Visit the website HERE.