Doctor’s Rounds

The Australian Digital Health Agency partnered with DDB Remedy to launch their first brand campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the government’s digital health initiatives and their benefits for all Australians.

Australians believe that the increased ‘digitisation’ of healthcare will lead to a lack of privacy, a replacement of the doctor to human interaction and will alienate digitally illiterate people from the health system. Our challenge was to appease fear and apprehension towards the technologisation of the healthcare system so that the public see digital health tools as beneficial for them.

The campaign was based on the key insight that the Australian public desired a fairer and more connected healthcare system that was accessible by all. The integrated campaign featured Dr Andrew Rochford as our hero talent, a well-respected GP and a digital health expert, who reassured Australians and explained how the new, more connected system will benefit them.

The campaign features a range of assets from catch-up TV, online video, organic & paid social, medical service-based OOH and radio.