We are an industry-leading full service creative healthcare agency offering excellence in health and wellness communications and medical education. Our specialised healthcare expertise is backed by the resources, connections and thought-leadership of the global DDB network.

What we do

We form powerful partnerships with our clients built on integrity, transparency and trust – generating insights that empower the game-changing strategies and creativity required to craft meaningful brand experiences and drive long-term business success.

As medical science and communications evolve, so does DDB Remedy, keeping our capabilities, and our clients, at the forefront.

What inspires us

In a dynamic field where scientific break-throughs are changing the world, we’re inspired not by what’s now, but what’s next. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change – challenging ourselves and our clients to think beyond what’s expected, and uncover exciting new opportunities to grow as a business, and transform lives.

It took millions of years for man’s instincts to develop. It will take millions more for them to even vary. It is fashionable to talk about changing man. A communicator must be concerned with unchanging man, with his obsessive drive to survive, to be admired, to succeed, to love, to take care of his own.

Bill Bernbach, Founder of DDB

Talented and nice

At DDB Remedy you will find people driven by passion and a relentless ambition for excellence.

It goes back to Bill Bernbach’s policy of hiring ‘talented and nice’ people. If you have one and not the other, you simply don’t make the cut.

It defines the way we behave, the way we treat each other and the way we partner with clients. Our 30 strong team include Strategists, Creatives, Medical Writers, Digital Designers, Producers and Account Management.

Leadership team

We are proud to commit to servicing our clients with experienced leaders and the best up-and-coming talent in the industry.

Dr John Bertolini
Managing Director
Amanda Fuller
Managing Partner
Scott Smith
Executive Creative Director
Nicky Smith
Director of Medical Education
Narve Thakrar
Managing Partner
John Lam
Creative Partner
Charlotte Bisland
Managing Partner
Caterina Pelligrini
Senior Business Director
Rebecca Srzich
Digital Director