Dog Rescue: The Last Meal

DDB Remedy, in collaboration with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and animal welfare organisations nationally launched a pro-bono campaign urging Australians to help save dog’s lives

Scott Smith, Executive Creative Director, DDB Remedy:

“Many of the people behind the creation and production of this film regularly donate their time to organisations like Doggie Rescue in NSW. Through them, we became aware that local pounds and shelters are inundated with dogs during Christmas. While pounds and shelters do everything they can, they simply can’t house hundreds of dogs indefinitely; so tragically, tens of thousands are put down every year through no fault of their own. This moving film gives them a voice at a time of year when for many Australians, caring and compassion are paramount.”

Director Jonathan May: “We took a huge risk working with untrained shelter dogs to be in the film and with the help of Monika from Doggie Rescue, we carefully selected Steve and Xena. We only had a short window of time to shoot the dog scenes but both of them nailed their part, it was almost as if they knew the importance of their roles. With the support of the dog rescue organisations who came on board across Australia, together with Aaron’s international profile, we’re hoping we’ll be able to make a difference and save as many dogs as possible during Christmas and beyond. Both here and around the world.”